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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is a CareerStory™?

A: A CareerStory is about three levels beyond a resume. Take a few minutes to read how working with us can help you succeed in today’s economy:

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Q: What is a CareerStory?

A: Resume writing services, even those that deliver awesome design templates, offer proofreading, writing, and editing services.

Q: Why do I need a CareerStory?

A: To stand out, you need more than a resume or web presence (e.g. LinkedIn profile and website). You need a cohesive career story, not just dates and duties. You need more than keywords from job posts. You need to get to know yourself as an asset.

Q: How do I create a CareerStory?

A: By thinking ahead and asking to questions: what stories do I tell in the interview and how do I make it a no-brainer to hire me?

QsWWYA (Questions We Wish You Asked)

Q: Is a CareerStory brand management, career coaching, or both?

A: Both! We have a process similar to brand managers and career coaches that’s guided by one principle: you’re a genius at something. We are trained to write your story. The rest takes care of itself.

Q: Do I have to have the latest technical skills to get paid more?

A: Yep, and we can help! Computers mimic the human mind, so being afraid of technology is like being afraid of yourself.  We’re too smart for that, aren’t we? Now, we’re asking the questions…go ahead and take this offline: Email us.

Being professional is overrated, be you.

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