Scannable, Scannable, Scannable

When it comes to online content, we all know that “readers” scan, and if it’s really good they’ll actually read. Well, a similar knowledge has existed pre-online living in the realm of careers and jobs. It can be said without much chagrin that recruiters have always been scanners. They scan for key information and key words. They look for interesting skills and years of experience. How long does all this take? NOT LONG. We’re talking one minute if the resume is a visual mess and two if it’s a better off than that.

So what makes a resume scannable? A scannable resume is super organized. It says LOOK here…now LOOK here. Then, it says OK, CALL MY OWNER. Of course, it speaks standard English using a variety of action phrases and contains no verbal “uhs” a.k.a. typos.

Scannable should also describe your cover letter. It should speak the same super organized language as your resume. Though they are not always required, a cover letter has potential to wow. A cover letter is a smile in words. A resume is a smirk, a wink, maybe even a grimace depending on how long you’ve been looking for a job.

Here’s a sample cover letter:

Sample Cover Letter.png

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Chatty footnote: Write your full formal name on your career profiles, especially if your name is common/popular. Remember that it’s illegal for employers and recruiters to discriminate on the basis of race, origin, gender, sexual orientation and disability. Discrimination against ethnic names is included. If you suspect, discrimination, raise a concern.



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