If you SAY something, let us SEE it.

snickerdoodle by Titiana Lapina.jpeg

Looking for high-resolution images? Sure you are. We all are. We’re all saying something that we deem important…so important that we want to see it as much, if not more than we want to say it.

I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog to read fun tips about good content writing and marketing, but in this first blog post, I’m sharing a solid source for high-resolution photos.

winter kiss by Greg Rakozy.jpeg

Unsplash.com provides good quality, vibrant photos, for “the FREE.” By good quality I mean, high resolution. By vibrant photos, I mean no lame, stock poses and “sketchy” images. Apparently, passionate, professional photographers make up the Unsplash online photo community, a place where visual artists are invited to share their work with the public. Yep, quality and cost make amends with Unsplash.

Most of the pictures on zahramarie.com were downloaded from the Unsplash site.

Chatty footnote: What the hell is a high resolution photo?


snickerdoodle by Titiana Lapina.jpeg


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